Generator Scrap Buyer in Delhi NCR

We are the biggest buyer of second hand Scrap Generator in the market. we offer you a second hand Generator on the economical price. We provide second hand generators like diesel generator, natural gas generator, propane generator etc. Purchase a New Generator required a lot of money Expenditure on it.

Our company SK ENTERPRISES provides you a large Variety of second hand scarp Generator in the market.

Generator used in the big hotels, large office buildings, school, hospitals, etc. where very high loads generator is required. we provide you a good second hand Generator that is really reliable, effective and Economical for our customer.

Why Us?

* Good Price for Old Items.

* More than 10 Years of Experience of Dismantling.

* Customized site solutions.

* Expertly trained and competent site personnel.

* No job is too complex and utilizing the latest in dismantling technologies.

* SKB provides it's clients with custom services and solutions.


We devote all of our experience and efforts for creation